Enhance Your Website's User Experience

The idea of marketing is to deliver a product or service to an intended target audience or market. Considering that most of today's consumers are tech-savvy and avid smartphone users, ignoring the importance of user experience would be marketing suicide. Recent studies showed that an impressive79% of mobile usersadmitted having abandoned a website because the one they visited was too hard to understand, poorly designed, too busy, or too messy to understand how to navigate between items or pages.

User experience optimization is more than just an attractive design. Many psychological concepts are taken into consideration to attract the user’s attention and hack into their expected behaviors. Ideally, a user that is satisfied with your website is most likely to visit your store or shop and stay engaged with your website much longer. The latter increases your visibility in search engines.

Some Pointers

  • Informational Data

    Informational Data

    Data that is organized intuitively conveys information and increases production and user engagement.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    Forcing a user to use a specific device, platform, or browser motivates the user to leave the website.

  • Cognitive Friction

    Cognitive Friction

    Allowing sufficient space between elements reduces cognitive friction and makes tapping with your finger much easier.


Design Specs


Centralizing the navigation allows the user to have only one place where any page can ultimately be found.


Standardizing the form controls including buttons, tabs, and internal links so that the elements flow in natural order as well as avoiding any accidental destructive action.


Enhance visibility to items that require the most attention and promotion.


Address all color combinations as well as font and icon sizes to ensure users with sight problems or mouse accuracy can still use the content without struggle.


Minimize the use of images which leads to slow-loading and high data consumption for mobile users.

...and more!


Compartmentalization of content makes all the information easy to find. The navigational items are centralized in independent areas to make it easier for the user to find his/her way through the website. Built for indoor/office use where sun glare will not be a problem

Liquor Control Board

Extensive databases can result in messy navigation and convoluted menus. Making use of a full width menu allows for better distribution of information in the screen. Even when the website was not intended to be deigned for full-screen.


Understanding the users and their primery objective when they come to main page. The home page shows a lookup form to allow the users to perform searches and find the information they need right from the home page. The internal pages contain all the tools and extra features to configure their searches accordingly.

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