Confirmation Dialogs. Ugh…

Undo Dialog
Confirm or Undo? Confirmation messages is a concept that has been in every UX Engineer’s crosshairs for many years. And for the most part, the concept has been slowly evolving and pointing in the right direction. Of course, there were a few hiccups along the process, such as

Removing The Hashtag in Angular

Angular is a Single Page Application framework designed to generate views inside your index page to eliminate refreshing the page and reloading every component every time you navigate from page to page. Instead, the index page loads all main components, and the pages get injected

User Usability and User Experience

User Experience
Websites are comprised of two major sections – the client side and the server side. The client side is also known as the “front end”, and the server side known as “back end”. Both sides work unison to handle the website’s functionality. The server side handles all the programming operations the website needs to process…

Using images on a website

Image on websites
How do I put an image on my website? As silly as this question may seem, this is something that any web designer or developer can do. Yet, for the unexperienced, this can be a little more challenging. Developers write everything that you want in a website in web developing code. But, we are not…