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Any web design is worthless without functional code behind it. However, it is often neglected because no one sees it, but let me put it in perspective. If you bought a beautiful home and water ran cold, heating/air conditioning wasn’t installed, lights went out every time you turned the microwave on; you would be frustrated with the house regardless of how beautiful it is. In the long run, you would end up fixing everything that is broken. Imagine buying a beautiful sports car without a working engine. Both of these cases are great for flippers, but let’s be honest, if you knew how to fix a broken website or build one, you wouldn’t be here, correct?

A website consists of two major parts: Front-End and Back-End. The Front-End is the part you see. The design style, colors, layouts, etc. The Back-End is what you do with the website. Sending out emails, processing a payment, collecting data or information, chatting with a client, creating conditional views based on calculations and algorithms, and a lot more. You may not be able to see that part of your website because it is only code, but it is there, and it is necessary.

What About Web Builders?

A web builder is an online application where anyone without web development or design knowledge can make their own website for a monthly subscription that is often inexpensive or free. Some of these are Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify. This may sound tempting, but there are many problems with this approach that you should consider. Let’s review them!

Cookie Cutter Designs

These builders use templates. You have a few choices to choose from, but there will always be someone else out there with your design. You lose uniqueness and brand identity. And because you probably searched for a template related to your industry, chances are that others have as well. Then clients visiting your site will find similar websites between competitors.

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Bloated Code Stack

They expect you not to have coding knowledge, but they also expect you to want options. Yet, they have no idea of what you need. Because these websites are not customized for your business functions, they will cram as much functionality as they can to make it useful for as many people as they can. The more code your website contains, the more your server has to process and the longer it takes for it to display in the browser. 

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Dunning-Kruger Effect

Many of these page builders offer you the option to lay out your website as you wish, choose the colors you want, and where you put a piece of content. However, there is an entire science behind User Experience and marketing. While you are an expert in your field, and you know your product better than anyone, you still don’t possess the skills to deliver it in the most effective way through web content and design. Putting stuff where you think makes sense might actually be the wrong place for it

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What Do I Do Then? I Can’t Afford A Lot

We have crafted an in-house financing program to help you afford an amazing web build with all the functionality and design intircacies you could need. Click below to read more about it and contact us to see if you qualify.

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