Certified Web Designers & Usability Experts

We are a team of web designers, graphic designers, and web marketing experts located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Since the nature of our business is so flexible, we can conduct business outside of our local area, state, and even country. Whether you are a small independent business owner starting to brand a product or an established business or corporation, we can offer web design and web marketing services at an affordable and comfortable rate and payment plan.

LOTUS Marketing Solutions LLC is a veteran-owned and operated business and a 100% customer satisfaction freelancing Web Design Company. LOTUS’s unparalleled quality provided by its web designers and graphic designers, as well as customer service, has gained the interest of many local and remote businesses alike. Within a short period of time, LOTUS Marketing Solutions LLC grew to service businesses nationwide and overseas.

In our endless effort to grow and provide a flawless product we have added other services in addition to our web design and marketing services. This includes: branding services, web maintenance services, On-Page SEO, and more. Simply give us a call and we will discuss your needs and negotiate a solution that will be fitting to your marketing plans and budget.

The Plan Behind Our Existence

The lotus flower is a symbol of victory above adversity. It defies all of the natural floral laws, its head is too large for its stem, and its stem is too long relative to its width. It grows out of the mud in the depths of murky waters. It receives insufficient sunlight. Yet, it blooms! It fights all the obstacles and adversities and makes its way through 4 feet of water or more to surface! This is the vibe and principle we want to bring into our clients.

It is challenging, sometimes impossible, to compete and succeed against other established competitors. Companies that have been in the industry for five years or more have gone through their "trial-and-errors" phase and found their rhythm. They have established a trusted brand and client base. This makes it tough for a new emerging business.

The best way to get to the victory line a little quicker and with the least damage as possible is to have an experienced consulting and marketing company on your corner. However, this can cost you most of your starter business profits, if not all, or more than you even generate. How can a starter company be able to pay for services that only an established company can afford to become established? Sounds like a riddle, doesn't it?

This is why we exist! We have structured our business model to allow us to provide professional services for a fraction of the cost that a large corporation would charge. But the success rate is the same. And your satisfaction even more significant because you didn't have to break your bank to get there.

We believe in giving everyone a fighting chance!

Our Vision

  • To be the most trusted, and leading digital marketing & webdesign company at the forefront of a new era in human engagement.
  • To lead both new and standing businesses to new grounds and the pinnacle of success.
  • To maximize client input, long-term relationships, and partnerships that will guarantee services equal to none.

Our Mission

  • To improve by inspiring and stimulating business owners to achieve their goals and by offering the binding catalyst between them and their consumers.
  • To help our clients succeed in associating with their communities of interest through our ability to provide integrated marketing solutions and our insight into consumer behavior.
  • To service selflessly and with a consumers-first attitude, thus passing along the ideology that customer service continues to be the strongest ally to a solid organization of service.

Core Values

  • Commitment – We are bound professionally and wholeheartedly to ur relationship with our clients. 100% customer satisfaction is always a goal.
  • Consideration – We believe everyone deserves a fighting chance. Large or small, we can service any business equally.
  • Concern – Our client’s needs and concerns are our needs and concerns. No one will take care of your company’s name as we will.

Reach out to us for a free consultation and quote